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With its slim base of just 52cm, the Salsa M2 Mini Red Line is the narrowest high-performance mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair in the world. Red line the speed gauge with high-torque 6mph motors.

Access all areas with a super slim 52cm base, the Salsa M2 Mini Red Line is the narrowest mid-wheel drive performance powered wheelchair in the world! Easily navigate shops, restaurants and home environments and access through floor lifts and hoists where other powered wheelchairs might be too heavy, plus get in the driving seat with easy access to Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicle (WAVs).

Incorporating highly-advanced proven technology that’s finely engineered for outdoor performance. 6mph motors make easy work of slopes of up to 8° and kerbs of up to 3″, whilst integrated Gyroscopic technology works like traction control, keeping you on the straight and narrow by auto-correcting any deviations on gradients.

The beautifully designed matt black chassis and base are perfectly complemented by red trim on the upholstery, springs and decals. Style and comfort are perfectly intertwined with luxurious top of the range JAY Comfort seating.

Available at Easi-Way Mobility call 0151 346 1186 for a demonstration.

Pure speedPure style & luxuryPure outdoor performancePure agility

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BHTA consumer leaflet ‘Get wise to good seated posture’ is a great guide on posture practice when sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

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Quickie wheelchairs launches the Salsa Q100R
The first in their new range of powered wheelchairs

After much teasing and sneak previews, Sunrise Medical have officially launched the first in a brand new series of powered wheelchairs, the Quickie Salsa Q100R and we are delighted to be authorised agents for this new product – the first launch from Quickie’s new Q-range of powerchairs.

The new rear-wheel powered wheelchair is designed to challenge indoor/outdoor powerchair standards and is ultra-compact for indoor agility, with stability and performance that’s just as at home on the city streets.

The Quickie Salsa Q100R is the result of substantial testing and development using an innovative method known as SMART base technology. This helped Quickie to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, after all, all indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs face the same problem: too large a drive-base means difficulty when manoeuvring in tight environments. Too small and it becomes tippy with a loss of traction. With SMART base technology  Quickie were able to test 100’s of configurations to find the perfect combination.

As a result of this rigorous testing the Quickie Salsa Q100R boasts an ultra-small footprint of 540mm wide (no more clipping your wheelchair in tight environments) and 1010mm long (making it easy to fit in through floor lifts) with a tiny 1600mm turning circle, making navigating even the tightest of spaces a breeze. The legrest and the controller can also swing outwards, so the Salsa Q100R can get even closer to objects like tables and chairs for easier transfers. The new powered wheelchair also provides a stable ride on urban roads and paths, ideal for days out, and as it weighs just 95kg and can fold into a compact package it’s perfect for hoisting in and out of a car. Plus, the Quickie Salsa Q100R can also climb kerbs of up to 100mm (4”) from a standing start!

Historically indoor/outdoor wheelchairs don’t cope well with steep gradients. This was just one of the problems Quickie solved by using SMART base technology. Precision testing determined that a 1010 mm base length provides the best stability to prevent tipping and keep you safe, even when travelling or climbing hills of up to 6 degrees. SMART base testing also allowed Quickie to determine the optimum seating position for maximum traction, ensuring the kind of safe, smooth and responsive ride that you would come to expect from a larger powered wheelchair.

Powered by punchy 55Ah batteries, the Salsa Q100R electric wheelchair loves a spin around town and longer city trips. With the stamina to go up to 31km (19 miles) on a single charge and primed for public transport with its easy manoeuvrability it’s the perfect powered wheelchair for a day of exploring.

As well as utilising new testing technology, Quickie has built on its history of offering lots of configuration and fine-tuning in the powerchair, including  a 5-strap adjustable back to meet postural requirements and lots of adjustment so that if your needs change, so can your seat. As always, the Quickie Salsa Q100R can be fitted with JAY cushions and backrests for a more comfortable or clinically appropriate seating solution. The powerchair is also available in a choice of four stylish colour inlays and decals (green, blue, black, red).

The Quickie Salsa Q100R is the entry-level model of the new Quickie Q-series of powered wheelchairs but with so much built-in technology and good looks you would hardly realise. Its retail starting price is £2,750 making it over £1,000 cheaper than some comparable entry-level powered wheelchairs on the market.

Don’t just take our word for it! Put the Quickie Salsa Q100R to the test for yourself. Contact us at 0151 346 1186 to request your free demonstration.

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The Twin Wheel Duo Powerpack attaches to any wheelchair in literally seconds. Once fitted you will never need to push the chair again. Simply walk behind with your thumb on the control and let the Powerpack do all the work for you. The Duo model was introduced for those who require that extra traction, if you live in a hilly area or need to tackle slippery slopes or gravel driveways, this is the model for you!

The Duo is fitted as standard with a reverse function, operated by a simple switch on the hand control, allowing that extra versatility and functionality.

No more struggling up hills, ramps or uneven ground; just press the lever and enjoy the effortless transportation the Powerpack provides. The duo add on power unit is the most technically advanced carer controlled wheelchair power pack on the market.

With speeds up to 4mph with up to 18 stone on board and a range of up to 10 miles per charge, there is more than enough capacity for most days out.



Light enough to take anywhere the Powerpack enables you to have that extra mobility from car boot, coach, train, boat and plane.

  • Incredibly easy to fit
  • So easy to use and simple to remove
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Tens of thousands sold world wide
  • Two year parts & labour warranty

The fully automatic charger simply plugs in to the sealed and maintenance free battery at the end of the day ready for the next day out. This standard Powerpack comes with everything you need to get out and about, no hidden extras, no complications, even delivery is included.

For heavier user weights, the  Heavy Duty 26 stone Twin Wheel Duo Model may be required.

Don’t Push it… An incredibly simple and reliable alternative to struggling whilst out and about

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